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Brokerage Services

The “brokerage” involves services that offer help for safe and prompt transaction in sale, new or replacement purchase etc. of real estate.

We offer services at locations including Tokyo Head Office as well as business offices developed in 13 major resort locations throughout Japan where we support our customers in need of our advice. Our highly-experienced expert staffs provide high-quality services in situations ranging from accurate value assessment and appropriate sales activities in relation to a sold real estate, and presentation of information on properties that match the desired terms, through to financial plans, contracts and delivery of real estate.

We also support transactions in lease of resort residences and sale of recreation facilities owned by companies, and implement purchase of sold real estate.

We actively promote our use of internet and our web site is always filled with the latest information on the sold properties. Anyone who is considering purchasing real estate in a resort area can freely search for a property anytime in our web site. Further, we continue to implement activities toward our goal “No.1 service both in quality and quantity in resort areas”.

Consignment Sales Business

Our business of “consignment sales” is an operation where we act as an agent (or trustee) in a series of services ranging from the sales of properties subdivided by a business owner to the transfer of properties..

We are fully engaged in consignment sales to act as an agent for new resort goods developed by the Tokyu Land Corporation and are also actively engaged in consignment sales entrusted from business owners not affiliated with the Tokyu Group. We have been performing the sales and projects of resort goods relating to diverse items ranging from large-scale resort towns to membership resort clubs.

While maintaining the highly-trusted “Tokyu” brand, we will continue to provide business owners with proposals on goods development and sales reflecting the know-how obtained through our many sales achievements as well as the direct opinions of customers, thus contributing to an affluent resort life of our customers.

Our Company

Company Name Tokyu Resort Corporation
Established March 13,1978
Capital 480,000,000 JPY(as of April,2013)
Shareholder Tokyu Land Corporation(100%subsidiary)
Presidident(CEO) Tetsuhiro Fujiwara
Revenue 21,800,000,000 JPY(as of April,2013)
Headquarters POLA Aoyama Building, 2-5-17 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Employees 110(as of April,2013)
Major Office Locations Kansai Branch,Okinawa Branch,Atami Branch,Hakone Branch,Tateshina Branch,Hamanako Branch,Nasu Branch,.

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